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The major element in your surgery design is the chair and x-ray arm. The chair is easiest to use if there is a minimum of 650mm between the head rest and cabinetry for you and then 650mm towards the nurses cabinetry for your nurse. You may prefer more. At the base of the chair usually a minimum of 350mm is required. Most chairs are 1800mm or 1.8m when reclined. The x-ray arm needs to be able to reach from the wall to where you position the head of the chair. If you are replacing an existing chair, or keeping your old chair, you will be able to find out how wide the chair will be in use. Also are you thinking of repositioning the chair. The new chair leaflet should detail where the services enter the chair.




As we make our cabinets, your next design choice is determined by what space is left between the working space behind the chair head and the wall.

Drawer boxes are 350, 400, 450, and 500 deep. Adding 65mm for a service void, this gives a work top total depth of 470, 520, 570 or 620 mm deep. Remember  that if you are putting sockets in the up stand these will take 30mm off the total depth of available working area.

Cabinetry design can be L shaped, U shaped, or a straight run against one wall. Once you have decided the cabinetry design, given the available space, you need to decide what cabinets you need. Generally a dental surgery design has a minimum of two kick bins, two five drawer units, and an amalgamator unit (pull out shelf, and up and over door) on the nurses side. The rest of the design is your choice. Usually the cabinets that will be used most by the dentist and nurse are designed closest to their position when attending a patient.

Now you have your design, either email it to us for us to provide you a quotation, or contact us to arrange for us to make a site visit