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If you want to design your own room in detail, read on, if you want us to take you through it, call us to make an appointment with you on site.

The common starting point for any room design is the size and shape of the room.

Draw up on a piece of paper, graph paper if you like, the shape and measurements of the room in millimetres. Take note of door positions and window positions. Measure the door and window width from outside the decorative moulding, not the actual opening door or window size. For windows you also need to know the base of the sill to the floor. As few rooms are square also measure one of the diagonals to the room.

Additional key points to add to the basic plan are where any radiators, or under floor heating pipes are. Where the services come into the room, hot and cold water, electric. Is the room on its own rccb fuse box, if not where is the main fuse for the room, and what else does that fuse supply. Finally where does the 40mm waste pipe for water exit the room to the drain. Where do the existing services to the chair go.

What equipment is going to be installed in the room, or what is already installed, and do you want to add any equipment. How do you want to access that equipment, eg pull out shelf with an up and over door, with power points in the back so that when you put your loupes away they can charge up in the drawer.

What storage do you want in the room, full height units, wall units, how many drawers do you want, what height of drawers do you need? Do you need mobile units? In the base units do you want shelves, if so how many? In corner base units do you want pull out shelving baskets? How are you going to manage your disposable products, do you want a wall unit that has dispensers built in for gloves, bibs, cups and towels?

How many power points do you need and where do you want them. Note they can not be within 300mm of a sink. Are computer points needed in a base unit. Do you need computer integration into the upstand to avoid holes in the worktop.

Surgery Design

Decon Room Design

Integrated VGA/HDMI and 2 x USB sockets