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Decontamination rooms best design are all about flows, and what you need to fit in them to service the practice.

Generally the dirty landing area is designed next to the door as you don’t want to be taking dirty instruments past instruments in the process of being decontaminated.

The diagram on the left reproduced from the HTM0105 documentation gives you the general design layout. It does not have to be a straight run, it can be L shaped or even U shaped depending on space.

Apart from a kick bin under the delivery or dirty landing area cabinetry design differs from practice to practice. We have designed some decon rooms where there is no fixed cabinetry under the worktop.

So once you have your design call us to arrange a site visit, or email us your design to get a quote.

The decon room installed as per the design photos to the left has a hand wash basin by the door, just out of shot.

So on the right hand side of the room there is a dirty landing area. Two sinks together as they opted not to ultrasonic, and an inspection area.

Then to left hand side clean area, with space for a clean landing area, bench top autoclave, and final inspection / bagging area.

This practice also wanted easy clean acrylic splash backs from the worktop to the underside of the wall units